Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Awareness Training Course

Are you looking to learn more about the exciting offshore ROV industry? MTCS and PTS offer the 3 day ROV Awareness Training Course from our unique facilities at the Port of Blyth.  This course is the opportunity to learn more about the industry to help individuals make an informed decision if they wish to progress their career in this industry.  The course will provide the following:

  • The different types of ROV
  • Safety Considerations
  • ROV Applications
  • What is an ROV Team
  • Capabilities & Limitations of an ROV
  • The opportunity to pilot an actual ROV

Upon successful completion you should be more informed about this fantastic industry.  If you interested in progressing your career in this field the next steps would be the 10-day Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Introductory Training Course from our unique facilities at the Port of Blyth. This course has been accredited by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), the international trade association representing offshore marine contractors, service companies, energy companies and the industry’s supply chain. IMCA have developed guidelines for this introductory course to start the journey into offshore ROV industry.

Successful completion of this recognised introductory course qualifies the successful participant to progress their career in the ROV Industry. They will be eligible to enter the industry and progress towards a competent ROV pilot/Technician Grade II ®4) or ROV Tooling Technician Grade II (R140, as set out in the IMCA C 005 – Competence assurance and assessment: Remote Systems & ROV Division). Successful graduates of the ROV Awareness Training Course will be entitled to a discount on the ROV Introductory Training Course.